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Post by Sinon on Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:54 am

Figured I would share some information about my nation eJapan.

For a few years, eJapan has been seen as a colony of eSerbia, not just by other countries, but also by eSerbian CPs themselves.
Truth be told we have been more or less a colony, with Serbians continuously harrassing people whom doesn't agree with them and spread lies about entire parties as soon as they have a chance.
For instance, the TLS got word that I had planned to kick them out of the top 5. It's not entirely false, but the difference is that I expected them to fall out of the top 5 due to inactivity and a gradually decrease in their amount of members. Either way they decided to use this as an excuse to build a wall between them and most of the other parties again. Worst thing is, they spent about a week accusing me of having hostile intentions towards them in public, while telling people to ask me about it because I would know, while they refused to tell me what it was all about at the same time.

Another example I want to share, is that one member of SSG posted what he calls a troll-comment in the feed. This was enough for the TLS to begin a nazi-campaign against the entire SSG, calling all the members for nazis and sympathizers of that one comment because they didn't speak up against it.

Now, the most recent action performed is a successfull DW during congress election, which I can guarantee that was launched with the sole purpose of getting control of like 75% of the CS-passes.
They have been branded as PTOers for a long time. So long that some won't acknowledge them as PTOers anymore. But still the fact remains that they will harrass and discriminate any non-Serbian citizen trying to oppose them (I myself have received death-wishes by TLS-members because I oppose them).

Lastly, please note that this is a one-sided view and that the information is mainly my personal view and experience. For more information I suggest digging up more information from people staying neutral in this conflict.


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